changing from rotel and peach to plinius 8100?

Hello all, I am going to replace my rotel 980 power amp and my juicy music preamp, for a 8100 plinius. I have been reading quite a bit about the plus sides to intergrated amps and am wanting to try it out. Before you say anything I know the 8100 is quite old but my thinking is it will give me a taste of how a good integrated can sound, am I correct? My question is what changes should i expect? thank you very much. Scott
I owned many integrateds including the Plinius 9200. I went back to separates lately and I'm beginning to hear more instrument separation, detail etc. But if you can optimize your system with the 8100 (right speaker-match, cables etc) you can have a satisfying system. Satisfaction is about matching speakers, electronics, sources and cabling. It's challenging unless you already have a successful blueprint.
i also bought a resolution audio cd50 as a source, it's old but should match up with plinius from what i have read.
I know nothing about your current amp and preamp but I do know that the Plinius runs hot, which may or may not concern you.
I have a Naim Nait 5i which I purchased after reading a glowing review in The Absolute Sound. The review was accurate and I have been most happy with it.
The Plinius 8100 is a very good integrated amp, especially at the current used pricing. The Portal Panache would be another good choice in the under-$1000 used class.

All of the resolution Audio CD players are very good and the company behind them is outstanding.

What speakers will you be using?