Chassis mount RCA socket comparison

Has anyone directly compared the sonic performance of any of the following RCA sockets:
1 - DH Labs “Silver Sonic CM-R1 Chassis RCA Socket”

2 - Goertz “RCA female jack AG2K Solid Silver”

3 - Vampire “CMIF-OFC” OFC Copper body RCA female jack, outside mount, inside nut.

Or compared the sonic performance of any of the above RCA sockets to other comparable products? If so, I'd appreciate a link to any internet re-sellers.

I am rebuilding my Plinius M16 pre amplifier, replacing all capacitors with Black Gate, change rectifiers for Schottky etc. While I’m at it I should replace all the factory RCA sockets with something better. A limitation for selection of the replacement RCA socket is the recessed mounting of the existing RCA sockets – I can drill out the bore of the hole through the rear panel if needed, but machining the panel to increase the diameter of the existing recesses is not practical given that the panel is anodised aluminium with existing legends and stencil work etc. The outside diameter of WBT NextGen is too big and will not fit – WBT Nextgen would have been my preferred solution. Unfortunately Eichmann do not make a RCA socket.

Either email me directly, or post to this forum, or both if you are feeling kind.

Of the ones I have tried, which includes the Vampire you mention, I feel the WBT NextGen silver is the best sounding. Just more information and detail..and at the same time calm, relaxed sounding.