Cheap DAC w/ volume control for direct amp input?

Would like to feed an amp directly to not need an integrated amp. Thanks for any info.
Emotiva XDA-1. $299 delivered. Pretty nice DAC for the bucks. I love mine. Great remote.
Thank you gentlemen for sharing your experiences with these dac's. I'm really looking forward to trying out a tube amp w/ some old paradigm bookshelf speakers at work. Currently using a w4s dac w/ a xa-30.5 amp and c1 speakers in the den. It sounds fine although it's hard to imagine the singer is in the room frequently. Probably just a set up problem. Playing w/ these dacs should be fun! Thank you again for your time. :)
Easy. Grant Fidelity Tube DAC09. $300 new. Show up here used at times. A bargain. I use mine with a Dynaco ST70 with great results.