Cheap silver cables

Can anyone attest to the Cheap silver cables sold on this site and on Ebay ?Fineline digital and SWG speaker and interconnect.In general is silver the way to go?
There are very few companies who make their own cable, and chances are that the quality of any silver cable itself will be fine. There's a lot of variability in connectors, and you should go for locking connectors which provide an outstanding contact, which which put a lot less stress on your component's RCA connections which you put them on and take them off. LAT International makes very good inexpensive silver cables and they have an excellent track record.
I hope it is not too late to help. I purchased speaker cables from swg and interconnects from fineline this past december and january respectively. I found both very accomodating and great to deal with. I purchased the less expensive speaker cable and found that it made an immediate improvement. I was thinking of purchasing their swg interconnects, but I bought fineline on auction and find them to be a good product. I replaced audioquest type 4 speaker cable and pbj interconnects. don
I have also purchased from Fineline. A month ago I purchased the finline digital cable and found it to be much better than the monster cable I had been using. I liked it so much I also just purchased interconnects (Cross-wrapped Silver) and speaker cables (HL52) They use top of the line connectors for there cables (WBT, Neutrik) I have only heard the digital cable so far, but would still recommend them to anyone. The price is so cheap that if you do not like them there really is no harm done.
I say MIT 330 Shotgun interconnects are the best, and SILVER SPEAKER CABLES ARE THE BEST. Music Metre made an excellent silver speaker cable a few years ago, and I've bought some at a great price. I prefer it to ANY copper speaker cable I've owned or heard, and that's most of them. (Including Kimber Select, XLO Signature 5.1, Goertz Divinity, Straight Wire Virtuoso). Kimber 8TC is impossible to beat for the price, if DYNAMICS and bass extension are your first priority. But if you can sacrifice a little of this, everything else is better with the Music Metre. I also have AudioTruth Dragon, and the Music Metre's midrange is more natural yet a tad more "noisy". MM's transients are more natural (they're hyped some with Dragon), but at some sacrifice of detail retrieval. Dragon has more cross sectional area (and many other features), so of course it's dynamics and bass are better. But guess what...they aren't better than Kimber 8TC. But with 8TC, drum whacks sound like the drum sticks are made out of rubber, compared to Dragon! And it makes my Dyanudio dome tweeters almost as sweet as my Maggies'.