Cheapest speaker cable with best bass

Gentlemen, I need a pair of speaker cable to connect my ACI Titan II LE subwoofer to my amplifier. My budget is about $100 new or used, but obviously cheaper is better. Right now I am leaning towards the JW Audio Cryo Nova as I use them in my bedroom system and think they sound great overall, but I'm wondering if there are other cables in the price range that can do better in low bass region even if not so good in the midrange and treble. The Cryo Nova are also solid core, which I'd prefer to avoid. I appreciate your suggestions, but please do not suggest using low level inputs or that cables make no difference. Thanks.
The speaker-level input of a powered sub is the input to the sub's amplifier, having very high impedance (probably many thousands of ohms), as opposed to the input of a passive speaker having very low impedance (4 or 8 ohms or thereabouts). Therefore the cable will be conducting miniscule amounts of current, and you don't need a heavy gauge cable that is intended to drive a passive speaker. Also, I would not expect a high degree of correlation between the bass performance of a given cable in a speaker application, and its bass performance in a powered sub application, since the technical factors are so different.

My suggestion is that you research past threads on "subwoofer cables."

-- Al
Another great post by Al!

In a more pedestrian vein, SignalCable are said to have good bass, and are comparatively cheap. I've had a pair of SCs in my system for some time, and think them pretty good, though I don't have an opinion on the bass issue.

Take a look at what REL provides for their speaker level connection.
As a Rel B3 owner I thought wire is wire since the Rel has such a high impedance. But after reading a lot where some folks said it made no difference and others said it made all the difference I decided to try a Nordost Baseline. It did make a huge difference over that aluminum cable that came with the B3. Better attack and decay. It cleaned up a muddy sound I didn't think was there.

That being said I'm stating my thoughts based on Rel ownership with the stock Rel cable not any other brand.