Check Your Tidal Accounts for Unauthorized Users/Fees

Over the past month I starting seeing albums in my favorites on Tidal that I didn't select and that I would almost never listen to (plenty of Eastern European electronic dance music).  I would delete them and move on.  

The pace of these unauthorized favorite albums picked up to about 2 being added overnight.  Yesterday, I logged into Tidal from a browser as opposed to using Roon as the interface.  Well, my account was being charged $29.99 per month for a family plan that I never bought (my spouse uses Spotify) and I noticed additional account members have been added over the last several years.  

I deleted the family plan and each account member.  Then I changed my password.  Today there are no new albums or members on my account.  

You may want to look at your account periodically to ensure you haven't been hacked.  

Ultimately, I'll be migrating everything over to Qobuz, which I use too and like better.  I would think Tidal should ask for two factor authorization to make significant account changes in this day and age.  I'm glad Russian hackers enjoyed listening to EDM on my dime.  Kind of creepy. 
@soix ---Ha ha ha ha ha!!!  

@tony1954,  I'm now in your camp. 

Also, since we are piling on about Tidal, what's with the demographic of their music picks, charts, etc?  There's little, if any, curated music or content presentations for anything that was recorded before 2010. Or is it just me? 
I really enjoy spinning my own CDs. I think they sound better than streaming, too. 

A question for mastering92: if I were to start burning my own CDs, do you have any recommendations for a deck to burn on?

I know MQA is a polarizing conversation, but it's is a differentiator in the Tidal offering

Whether or not it's a value add differentiator may never be resolved while we're all still young

I've use both Tidal and QoBuz 

In my experience Tidal appears to tolerate lower bandwidth connections better than Qobuz and thus more options for mobile use

Example, in my car over a cellular connection I can consistently stream and playback MQA files. I'm cannot reliably use the Qobuz app over cellular connections much less stream music

I'd also submit that the Tidal demographic is more 'on the go' and likely to listen more from a mobile perspective 

I concur with the other observations about Tidal demographics and content
I know MQA is a polarizing conversation, but it’s is a differentiator in the Tidal offering
That’s for sure. Good point about MQA possibly working better for mobile. I can’t stream Qobuz reliably using my iPhone on the go. Then again, once 5G is fully here that will likely no longer be an issue. Regardless, I despise MQA’s existence with its unavoidable intrusiveness, the alterations it makes to the original recording, and the hoops required to jump through to do all the unfolding and refuse to support it in any way. I’ll deal with lower-res mobile for now (don’t do my critical listening that way anyway) and bide my time until I can get 5G.  MQA must die!!!