China invades ! Ming Da MC-368 KT 120 Intergrated Amp

I was looking for Quality intergrated tube amp or Solid State for that matter. Looking at some of the retail price on popular brands you see in the audiophile magazines . I do not want to mention company"s .Dealers have to eat to. I did try to sell one of my kidneys , the kidney bank said I was to old .Could buy one second hand? But I hate the smell of cat urine and pet hair. So did some research and a dealer in Arizona recommend Ming Da units . I read and heard nothing but good things about the company . Sent emails ,ask questions I received quick answers back. Read reviews and received 5 stars on the 368 unit I wanted to buy.Long story short . I purchased the unit from USA tube they were polite and professional and did what they said, real quick .Five days later unit delivered first thing . Arrived in one piece . Good start, installed the labeled tubes took less then a half hour to get out of the box . Lucky I had all the speaker connections in, the unit on switch was already on .I plugged in the AC cord . The unit is so quiet I did not realized it was on until I seen the meter lites on. The sound is top quality and powerful 110 watts in Ultralinear  50 in Triode . Personal I like Ultralinear I have an old pair of JBL speakers 30 years old . Sounds fine to me with this new amp.Fit finish is very good all controls are tight and quiet, no hum or hiss I hate that noise.Well I could go on and on . But all I can say if you are looking for top quality  tube amp , it has arrived for the $$$ I have not seen or heard anything better . IF your in the New York Metro area bring your girl friend or nice looking wife over for a listen ! I will entertain them while you listen. Enjoy .