Chinese equivalent to Sonus Faber?

I long lost friend had purchased a speaker that totally resembled the Sonus Faber line. Can anyone out there say what that brand might be? Thanks
I have seen a few Sonus Faber copies from China when I was living in far east, I can't remember the brands but none of them were worth a dime.
Just pony up and buy the Sonus and be done with it. Or do I hear a little birdie,cheap,cheap.
Mrtennis, I know that they are not the bargin that Maggies are, but the cabinets are most of the cost of box speakers. Bearing that in mind, all box speakers are over priced. No, we won't get into a box vs. panel speakers discussion, you see I own both and see the merits of each. Sorry to do that to you. I know how you like to discuss that topic :).
i owned the sonus faber amator electa. it was not one of my favorite speakers. it was worth about $1500, not $4500, which was the retail at the time.

the value in $$ does not match its performance.