Choice of: Innuous Phoenix USB or Mutec MC3_USB & REF10 Nano

After experimenting with cables, ifi MicroUSB3 & power supplies the USB output from a Lumin U1 to Accuphase DC-901 DAC, there's certainly some issue there that can be improved. 
The sound is 'OK' but certain HF are suppressed, and can come an go with several combos, which I'm getting a little tired of.

With the release of the new REF10 Nano from Mutec, the combo of the MC3+USB leads to flexibility to use USB or AES3 output. AES3 cable is a Wireworld platinum. Not to leave out DSD, it could be converted by the MC3+USB or Audirvana or Lumin U1 processing, so could use either USB or AES3. The DAC can accept 192/24 on AES3, so would use 176.4.

On another side of the coin, for close to the same price is the Innuous Phoenix USB reclocker. Granted the flexibility goes down with USB only, there's less parts. The REF10 Nano could also feed EtherRegen, which is an added bonus. USB cable is a split Acoustic Revive, which can't be used with the Innuous?

Which to choose?