Chord CPM 3300 ?

Anyone here have any comments on this high end integrated amp ? Ive read the stereophile review but would much appreciate some input from the audiogon members.

I was hesitating to reply, but I have to realize that Chord is quite unknown here.
I'm sorry that I can't comment on the CPM 3300.
But a month ago I replaced a Krell FPB 300 with a Chord SPM 5000.
The Chord is superior by far - much faster, more transparent, and has much more control over my watt/puppy speakers. I thought that improvements of this magnitude were not possible over the fine FPB 300.
Chord uses leading edge power supply technology, which makes this excellent sound possible with smaller and less heavy amps - my SPM 5000 doesn't even get warm after long listening hours.
So I have an advice: give Chord a chance. Listen to it with your own equipment. And tell us about your findings.
Good luck - Uli
Thx for your response. As this integrated was based on the SPM 1200B amplifier which is kinda old (theres now the C and E), i was wondering if it still held up the test of time.

Well, my SPM 5000 is old also (I bought it used, 3.5 years old), as the current unit today is the SPM 5000E. Nevertheless it's great!
I own both the Chord SPM 12oo C and the SPM 1200 E. They are far more superior than any Amp I have heard. I'm in love with the Chord products. They are not well known in the states yet but trust me, they will be. They look really cool to. I have to sell one of my amps, not sure which one yet, they are both current models and close in performance. Go Chord you'll love it.

I heard them with wilson benesch discovery speaker, very fast, transparent sound, with excellent detail. I heard the system from bristol show in 2001.