How would you describe a Chord Electronics DAC Sound? 


This is what confuses me about chord is the inconsistency.  I love my hugo and the daveis awesome.  It doesnt seem like the cheaper models have the same sonic signature?

I have Dave.  Bought after listening to a friend's Qutest.  Qutest is great for price.  DAve is awesomer.

Chord QBD76 with a good power cord.

An extended and tubelike treble. 3-dimensional soundstage with good separation and detail. I find the micro detail of the Chord to be excellent as you hear all the nuances in the music. With other DACs some of the detail may be missing or toned down.

Another aspect of the Chord is it sounds less digital than the Musical Fidelity M1 DAC which I previously owned. The sound of the Chord is more real and analogue.