Circle and Audiophile Labels from ATL

Does anyone know anything about the Circle and Audiophile Record labels from Atlanta, GA. Please share it with me. I noticed they had allot of jazz and big band recordings from the 30's, 40's and on into the 80's. I came across a stash of them but only picked up a handfull to sample for quality. I'd like to hear your feedback. Thanks in advance.
The owner George Buck has moved that label to New Orleans and now has been there for many years.I visited him about ten years ago and bought some records.I also bought many for demo for use on radio.As far as "quality"....the pressings i felt were never the best and some of the records were on the thin and flexible side and prone to warps.
The quality of the music is outstanding and much of it is now on cd.He has,over the years,added many labels to "his" labels and reissued some great music.Much of the music is New Orleans traditional Jazz and some vintage Big Band and Blues.The Circle label was originally started by Rudi Blesh,a Jazz writer from the 40's and producer of the famous "This is JAZZ" radio started off with reissues of his classic Jazz recordings ( Baby Dodds,Montana Taylor,Don Ewell,Bertha "Chippie" Hill,but has since grown to include a variety of Jazz oriented recordings from a variety of sources,including transcriptions.There are many outstanding performances that have been released.Notably Duke Ellington transcriptions.
The Audiophile label started in Texas in the 50's.Much of what has been issued on that label might not fall into the actual term "audiophile" as we know it today,it began as a "Hi Fi" label of the 50's recordings traditional Jazz,but now appears to be devoted to Jazz singers,now much of it on cd.
OF particular note the Lee Wiley recordings from the late 30's from the Liberty and Music Box labels that are among the finest examples of Jazz singing anywhere,anytime,or anyplace.