Circuit for DC motor controller

I have a VPI Jr Mk 4 that I would like to convert to DC drive, and have picked up a Maxon 2023.913.23.521-046 ironless non-cogging 12v DC motor with precious metal brushes.
Looking at the Maxon site, I can not find this motor, but other motors of this size with these brushes run 2.5 - 6 watts, hence current will be less than an amp.

Can anyone point me at a circuit design to run this motor? I know pulse width modulation is no good as it duplicates the cogging effect.
The SGS Thompson TDA 7275A chip has been suggested as a basis for a variable constant speed controller, but I have been unable to source these other than by the thousand. If anyone knows how to purchase 5 of these I would be ecstatic!

I am quite handy with a soldering iron, all of my system is home built or heavily modified and includes both tube and solid state gear.

As I have just spent a fortune on tubes, parts for my turntable and a new dac/transport I can't afford to purchase the Orogin Live motor kit and anyway, I get a whole lot of fun out of doing it myself.

Thanks in advance for any help.