CJ Grand Anniversary Triode 300SEB Amp

Hi Agoners

In '02/'03, CJ announced the amplifier counterpart to their ART pre-amp. It was a 300SEB-based Amp called the Grand Anniversary Triode. $36,000. CJ coupled the 300 tube to a high current output to generate...get this...800-1000watts. 250 were to be made, just like each generation of ART pre-amps. Intriguing!!

Would love to know if anyone knows anything about them. Also known as the GAT. I'd be interested in buying one (presumably used at this point). I have just emailed CJ directly.

Thanks for any help!!
I spoke to Lew Johnson about this amp. They can't as yet get it to sound the way the want it to, so it will not be released until they can.
So perhaps one day they will release it, perhaps not
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Confirmed. I too received a response from Ed at CJ who indicated they had yet to come out with the GAT. thanks, Downunder. KNowledgeable as always.
;). Could be, Downunder! Have u heard the CJ 275's yet? I am due to be listening to Jadis JA200 soon. Will post my thoughts. Same with Berning Quad Z monos. Somehow intuitively, I sense LP275 monos will be the ones.

Pls share your thoughts on LP275s when you can!