Class D = Trash?

So, I'm on my second class D amp. The first one, a Teac AI-301DA which claimed to use an ICE module, was unlistenable trash. I burned it in for a few weeks, it just couldn't perform, so I sent it back. Following that, I tried the new Emotiva A-300 (class A/B). It was significantly better, but lacking in too many ways for my tastes. So I changed gears, got an 845 SET from China -- and it was an immediate and massive improvement.

So, before I went further down the SET road, I wanted to try a better class D product using a modern class D module. I settled on the D-Sonic M3-800S with the Pascal module and custom input stage. I read from reviews that these things like to have big cables, so I picked up an eBay 8 gauge power cable (Maze Audio, el-cheapo Oyaide copy plugs, braided 4-wire cable) to go along with it.

Mid-range GONE.
Soundstage depth CRUSHED.

Yes, resolution went up. Driver control went up, allowing me to play compressed rock/pop and orchestra with the speakers being able to render it all. But enjoyment in the sound is basically gone. Using my best power cable (LessLoss Original) improved performance, but didn't fundamentally change the amp's nature. I ran back to my headphones (Focal Utopias) to detox my ear canals.

So, how long does a class D need to burn-in? I want to give it a fair shake before writing the technology off forever. 
Wow, this is a switch. The usual Class D thread typically sounds the death knell for class A/B while claiming that class D will save the world. I feel strange...and to respond to the above(shame on you all for leaving Greg hanging!), I still haven’t found, what I’m looking for.
madavid: I think it's still burning in.  It just keeps on getting better. It's been at least two years since I bought it.

If most class D amps use either the Ice or N Core Modules,  can't one assume that amps made with either of those modules will pretty much sound the same?  I know that various designers monkey around with the input stage and power supply, but an N Core sounds like an N Core and the Ice sounds like the Ice.

I have listened to roughly 6 or 7 Class D amps including the NAD Masters series, The Wyred4Sound amps, the Channel D,  and others I can't really remember the names of and none of them even came close to the Odyssey Stratos Extreme which is in my system.  The 2 words that come to mind is listener fatigue.  Not in my system, ever.