Classe 201? Need inputs

How does the CA201 compare to CA151? Is the new circuitry of the CA201 much better than the CA151 or they just sound the same accept for power? Thank you very much Worldcup86
Perhaps it was just tough loads but I have never heard a 151 sound as good as a 201. I looked at both and did not like the 151 at all but bought a 201. If 151 is the only one in your price range, look at McCormacks. Their DNA series performs better for that price range.
the CA201 is much better, but its not until you get into the 301 that is really starts to use the Omega circuitry. To be honest if you like that warm tubey solid state sound. I would go for a Conrad-Johnson MF2500. They were realeased this year have 240 watts into 8ohms and have the signature CJ sound with SS punch