Classe CAV 75 12v trigger to power on/off

My new Classe CAV75 only has an old telephone jack looking connection that says "Remote"... I figure this is a power trigger.  I want it to power on/of when my Onkyro receiver powers on/off - normally done with a 3.5mm jack...  Is this possible?  Ideas?

I had a CAV75 amp with a SSP-30 pre/processor setup for my home theater years ago. When HDMI came about and I changed out the SSP-30 for a Denon receiver, I was in the same boat you are.

You are correct that the telephone jack is the 12V trigger.  However, on the older Classe CAV75, 150, and 180 amps, the trigger is not your typical design.  Most 'modern' triggers work when a constant 12V input is detected.  When the voltage is turned off, i.e. 0V, the device turns off.  (Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong.)

What Classe did with the older CAV series is use an electrical pulse signal to turn the amp on and another to turn the amp off.  I believe the voltage is 12V, but I'm not sure.  And I don't remember the duration of the pulse but for some reason 3 seconds comes to mind.  I never did know what the wiring diagram of the jack is.  They did make a box called the "RC-1", which was an infrared controlled add-on box for it, but those are very, very rare.  Some of the Classe preamps/processors also had a 3.5mm trigger jack that you could program to generate the pulse.  (The SSP-30 and SSP-75 both had it.)  I even saw a battery powered corded remote once, but I don't know if it was a DIY or Classe product.

So, back to your original question.  Can you use the Onkyo receiver to trigger the CAV75.  Probably not.  I guessing that the Onkyo can't control the output signal voltage (if it is not 12V) or create a pulse for a specific length of time.  If it can, then you can probably call Classe and see if they can dig out the specs for you.  

If someone knows of a device out there that can do it, please let me know.  I still have 2 of the CAV75 amps that I would love to be able use a trigger control on.

That amp is a very nice sounding piece of equipment for the price.  I've had amps costing 3 times as much and am still suprised a how good the CAV75 sounds, both bridged and straight up.

- Jeffbij
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