Classe CA-200/201 or Aragon 8008ST/BB

I am thinking about buying the NHT VT3's speakers and was wondering which amp would work better for HT and music listening. I have Aragon (8008)seperates right now, but I was curious as to how the Classe 200 or 201 would sound with the VT3's. The VT3's are a little bright, so I want to buy another amp to compensate them a little. I am either buying a Classe 200/201 or another Aragon 8008ST/BB. I would appreciate any advice.
The CA 200 is pretty neutral - it doesn't run bright or dark with either my old ProAc Tablette 50's (which are bright) or with my current Martin Logan Odysseys (which are slightly bright due to my room).

I could not hear ANY difference between my CA200 and my dealer's CA201 when I had it in his listening room. To me the big difference between the two is that the 201 is much easier to control remotely as it has proper 12v trigger sensing. Most CA200s don't. (Mine is one of the last 200s and it has a frustrating hybrid system.)
A little "brightness" might be handled more cost effectively with different interconnect cables and speaker wires.