Classe Owners Please Help need FCC

Hello to all you Classe owners...

I've got a pair of Omega amplifiers shipping my way from Canada to the US. Apparently the shipper forgot to include the FCC form with the amplifiers, and they will be stuck without a complete FCC form.

I've got everything I need, except the FCC number, which is on the FCC sticker on every piece of Classe gear.

Would somebody mind please looking on the back of one of their amplifiers or other components, and emailing me the number on the "FCC Approved" sticker?

Thanks very much, Peter S.
I just checked the back of both boxes of my CP-700 pre-amp as well as looking in the CAM-400, Omega Mono, SSP-600 and other Classe manuals online. I'm not able to the find the FCC number you are referencing. I'd suggest you send an email to and also call up to Montreal on Monday morning to their technical support desk; they are very helpful people.

Can the shipper send you a fax of the FCC form itself?

Did you pick up the Omega Mono amps that were up here? Happy Listening!
My CA400 does not have it either, not only that there is no such form that came with it on it's way back from repair, UPS dropped it of course
Thanks for looking guys. Zephyr, yes, I picked up the ones that were listed here on agon. Looking forward to a happy new year!!!
Good luck with your new amps; I hope that you determine a way to get customs to release them. I've checked again, there is no such FCC number here and I've never heard of such a thing being required as long as the shipper created a proper invoice with proof of country of origin and manufacture.