Classè Six vs ARC LS7

I now own an ARC LS7 (tubes are Siemens NOS) and an Electrocompaniet ECP-1 pre-phono (with a Lyra Delos MC cartridge).

Do you think a Classè Six (NOT DR6) would be an upgrade, a downgrade ora a "sidegrade" ?
I'm interested to comments about both line stage and phono section.
Thanks, ciao
I preferred my ARC LS15 to the Classe Six Mkll which it replaced , but I have always missed the phono section on the Classe.
Personally, tubes have ruined me. I owned a Classe CP-60 about 15 years ago and enjoyed it. However, then I started dabbling with tubes. I wound up owning many high end tube preamps and amps.

About a year ago I started to build a modest system again, after selling all of my gear for economic reasons. I've always found the preamp to be the hardest piece of gear to replace. I bought a Classe DR-4 w/ phono and a ARC LS-7. I really wanted to like the Classe better, because it was a full function preamp and I wouldn't have to deal with tubes anymore. To make a long story short(er), The LS-7 beat the Classe in all categories except bass. The lack of bass did bother me with the LS-7 (probably the very small power supply). Anyway, I wound up selling both preamps and buying a full function VAC Auricle preamp (tube).

My CP-60 and the DR-4 both had great built in phono stages, and I've long been a fan of SS phono stages (Klyne is my favorite). IMHO, the Classe 6 would be a lateral step at best.