Classic Record's Super Profile II

Classic Record's Super Vinyl Profile II, have you bought any music on this type of vinyl?

Did your purchase replace any other pressings that you may have of that particular Lp?
Hi I have a few. It's the new "clarity" clear vinyl. I have the leo kottke and 3 of the 45 sets, with a few more on order (2 Louis Armstrong and a Cannonball Adderly now)

I don't have the Kottke in another version, but this is great, very well recorded lp. Just not sure how much the SVP II helps. The 45's are a little better imho. I also like the packaging on the 45's. For $50 I feel like I am getting something, box, lp's plus the jacket.

If the Kottke is illustrative of this, it's a nice improvement.
I haven't bought any vinyl in a while and only noticed Classic's red box set's release on display at a record store this past Thursday.
No one at the store have listened to any of these Clarity SVP as of yet.
While I was there I did buy Analogue Productions 45 rpm pressing of Somethin Else, Lord knows how many copies of this Lp Iv'e bought over the years, just love it though.

I just may buy Classic's pressing of Somethin Else for comparitive reasons and like always keep the best and sell off the rest.

I know Classic can do a great job once in a while with their re-issues, most notably from a few years ago a 45 rpm single side box set , Belafonte Live at Carnegie Hall, mind blowing good. It killed every single pressing that I ever had.

This new SVP vinyl process could very well be nothing but marketing hype, time will tell.

There is this from Positive-Feedback:

"Hand made"