Classical Music for Aficionados

I would like to start a thread, similar to Orpheus’ jazz site, for lovers of classical music.
I will list some of my favorite recordings, CDs as well as LP’s. While good sound is not a prime requisite, it will be a consideration.
  Classical music lovers please feel free to add to my lists.
Discussion of musical and recording issues will be welcome.

I’ll start with a list of CDs.  Records to follow in a later post.

Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique.  Chesky  — Royal Phil. Orch.  Freccia, conductor.
Mahler:  Des Knaben Wunderhorn.  Vanguard Classics — Vienna Festival Orch. Prohaska, conductor.
Prokofiev:  Scythian Suite et. al.  DG  — Chicago Symphony  Abbado, conductor.
Brahms: Symphony #1.  Chesky — London Symph. Orch.  Horenstein, conductor.
Stravinsky: L’Histoire du Soldat. HDTT — Ars Nova.  Mandell, conductor.
Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Dances. Analogue Productions. — Dallas Symph Orch. Johanos, cond.
Respighi: Roman Festivals et. al. Chesky — Royal Phil. Orch. Freccia, conductor.

All of the above happen to be great sounding recordings, but, as I said, sonics is not a prerequisite.


Well , as I said , Jim . The Minnesota was always good but Vanska made it world -class .

VERY unusal for the Classical Bible to give 5 Stars to any US band not on a coast !!!

Vansa is going to Seoul next year , I would say it has about 50 times as much cash

as Twin Cities an to boot he is taking our 1st violnist with him , but considering he married her , not much we can do .




P. S . Reading the semi-story of you life you put on shows me, but one thing .

You are Scotland and You are Brave !

And a true son of Babby . Ah dinnae ken if  I  could  do what you have .


Currently enjoying the heck out of "Il delirio della passione," an album of Monteverdi songs sung by Anna Lucia Richter. I found it featured on the home page of my Idagio feed. Great imaging. Great tonal quality. Performed with lots of drama and beauty.

"to boot he is taking our 1st violnist with him"

Thats one way to preserve talent!