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Music first or sound first?
@mahler123  Right you are!  
Music first or sound first?
@grislybutter  Unfortunately that’s a trap easily fallen into.  
Holst The Planets
Happy you got it!  
The Midnight Effect - Who-How?
I don’t drink and I have noticed the same phenomenon. It’s like the bottom has dropped out. I can’t explain it either.    
Holst The Planets Audiophile release
It’s on Amazon for $19.95 but it’s hard to find on the site.  Check Google.  
Maurizio Pollini R.I.P.
I, too remember when I bought the Chopin Etudes record.  Was totally blown away.   Many other sets have come out since, but none equals his.  
Stylus stuck in groove.
@blisshifi It skips back into the same groove Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve ordered the cleaning solution.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Karajan’s 1959 recording of Strauss’s Ein Heldenleben on DG’s Resonance label. Stupendous sound and performance!  
Are your record surfaces as silent as CDs?
@atmasphere  Thanks for the explanation. “I'm very used to playing entire LP sides without any ticks or pops and I don't clean my records other than using a carbon fiber dust brush before each play” I have the same experience, except that I occ... 
Don’t look for perfection.
Perhaps my comment was a little overstated.  
Are your record surfaces as silent as CDs?
Some of my LP’s play all the way through without any perceptive noise.   Of course my ears aren’t want they used to be.  
Throw it out!
@ellajeanelle  Check member pwerahera He offered to buy my collection  
Don’t look for perfection.
@koestner There are those which are salvageable.   If I only kept the perfect ones I’d soon run out of records.  
Warped record
This record was a cheapie from Amazon, just $18.  
Warped record
Not one of my old 2000  records is warped.  Only this new one which I exchanged for a more warped one!     ‘Kept the original and returned the replacement.