Clayton M200s and Single ended preamps

Those considering the balanced Clayton M200 or M300 should not shy away if you have a single-ended (RCA) Preamp. I use Jensen's Isomax DM2-2RX transformer and the result is wonderful. I do not have a superb balanced pre against which to compare, but darned if I can hear any problems. The Isomax appears to be effectively transparent. The specs suggest why.

Clayton will supply the DM2-2RX, but Jensen suggests the PI series which will accept a wider range of input impedances. I've ordered the PI-2RX and will report back.

I drooled over the M200 for some time, having owned the superb S-40, but was locked due to my Tube Pre's unbalanced output.

I can elaborate further if there is interest.

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Experiments show that in my system the DM2-2RX as supplied by Clayton is vastly superior to the PI-2RX.

Clayton mods the DM2 with superior RCAs, but that doesn't explain the difference.

Those fluent in transformer theory should be able to study the Jensen pdf spec sheets and figure it out.
Very interesting outcome of that test between the two Jensen pieces. Don't expect me to study the Jensen pdf spec sheet to figure it out though.....

Also, forgive my ignorance, but is the Jensen piece something you feed the unbalanced preamp into, to effectively make it "balanced" or does it do something else?

I've heard that balanced is:
--inherently superior to single ended;
--that it's not superior to single ended unless the connections are long enough to warrant using balanced cables;
--that it's sometimes superior and sometimes not, depending on the equipment in an unpredictable manner that requires empiric testing on a case by case basis.

Is there a consensus or majority opinion on this issue?