Cleaning our vintage faceplate safely.

I came across a product called Brillianize Plastic cleaner that I use to clean my cds surface for years (Yep, I still listen to cds) and I tried this on my dirty Marantz 1152dc faceplate and I’m impress! It will not fade the black Marantz silk-screen function labels and cleans without changing the lustre of the brushed aluminum. For other Audio manufacturers, please try in an inconspicuous area first. Brillianize Plastic cleaner is a great product for minor cleaning and polishing on all non-porous surface (I’m not anyway affiliated with or by the the producer of this product) and I use it alot at home. To the point; the best way to clean is remove the faceplate completely by removing all the knobs with a plastic prying tool (automotive upholstery panel tool at Harbor Freight) being care not to marr the face plate and keep in the order they came off. Then look at any potentiometer with a nut or small screw holding the plate to the housing and remove. Remove any corner nuts and set a side (careful not to allow tool to rub the the faceplate). Remove faceplate and spray a little of the cleaner on a soft cloth and do a small section at a time in the direct of the brushed grain. Don’t force down, let the cloth and cleaner do the work. Your faceplate is a vintage piece that has been exposed to 40 or 50 years of environment, so don’t expect it to come out perfect. Cigarette smoke do the most damage to aluminum and most likely will not clean well. Before you put the faceplate back on, take the time to carefully spread the potentiometer shaft where the knob slips on by using a box cutting blade to restore the spilt space for the knob and them clean the knob and re-install. I hope I've help some fellow vintage audiophile. Good Day - Chuck