Clearaudio Concerto V2

Recently installed this cartridge and now my system is overly bright. Have the Graham Slee combo of the Revelation and Elevator. Adjusted SRA to 92 degrees with tracking set at 2.8 grams. Tone arm is the Alphason HR-100S-MCS on a VPI 119. Have done cable swaps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


There are a couple of things you could try... You didn't specify how you have the loading set on the Elevator, so if you can try a lower setting which will reduce the high frequency output. Even though you set the SRA 'by the book' to 92 degrees, not all cartridges are properly aligned at that angle so you may be better served setting it by ear. Lowering the height of the arm at the mount will also reduce HFs.
Let me guess.....overly bright with vocal sibilance? I had the same cartridge. I did everything I possibly can to no avail. I'm using Dynavector XX-2 MK2 for my MC cartridge now. Very very satisfied. The lower cost is only a bonus.