Clearaudio Emotion CMP/Maestro combo

I'm considering the Emotion and Maestro combo. I do not have a dealer locally for auditioning. Anyone here have any experience with the combo and can share what I may expect from a sound quality perspective?
I have similar problems with auditioning. The Emotion has gotten great reviews. I have the CA Champion Level 2 that I bought without audition 8 years ago, no regrets. I did buy the Maestro and thought it was a great pickup. In my system I prefered the Ortofon 2M Black. You have a very nice system. Happy Listening.
Well, I did it,got the Emotion from an Audiogon friend, (Liquid HiFi), and I must say, what a dramatic improvement in sound quality!! My system is now made up of the following:
NAD 375BEE Integrated amp
Escient Fireball MX 111 server
Luxman PX 100 TTable/ClearAudio Aurum Classic Wood
Bellari Phono stage
ClearAudio Emotion TT/Maestro cartdrige
ParasondZ Phono stage
Von Schweikert VR2 speakers
Tara Labs speaker cables
AudioQuest Snake interconects
Not sure if this qualifies as high end, medium end, low end or what, but it sounds amazing!!!!!