Clements Response speakers - seeking information

I have a pair of Clements speakers the model is called Response. I cannot find any specs or information on these speakers or any other speakers that may be in the Response line. I would like to know if they are made in Canada or the U.S. and the year they were made. The speakers are about 3 feet high with a Black Piano finish. They have a 6 inch sub and a 1 inch dome tweeter. Looking for any info I can find. I have had other Clements in the past but these sound by far superior
Found this info on another site :

Clements speakers began life as a company called Phase Research in about 1976. Philip R. Clements was owner and designer of a line of two way speakers. The company was based in Dallas Texas thus the name of the smallest speaker the Little "d" from Big D. (that was back in the day's of
Dallas the TV show). I joined Phase Research in 1979. By 1980 we were building our own ribbon drivers. After a fire destroyed our warehouse in 1981
the company went down in flames, sorry a poor chose of words. A couple of years later the company rose from the ashes (sorry again) as Clements Audio
Systems. Clements Audio garnered some high praise from press and the audio
industry. Unfortunately after some tough financial times in Texas Clements was sold to our dealers in Canada. Production was moved to Toronto. Clements the company then changed hands again, Clements the company now
again is in the hands of Clements "THE MAN" Philip R. Clements. Phil now has
not one but two great loudspeaker companies.
Great to hear the intrust in our work, USA and Canada after all the years.
If you ever find a pr. of thr Clements speakers with the ribbon tweeter that was mentioned at the Clements website and in the previous post, BUY them. At this time , if you ever find a pr. which I highly doubt you'll find, they can be had for a song. Like 10-15% of their retail price.

I have in the past owned 6 or 7 prs. of speakers most of the time. As you get older you find certain speakers that you just can't let go of. My favorite speaker for many, many reasons are the Apogee Stages.I've never heard music produced the way they do. Anyway, when I have friends over the Stages are off limits to everyone,they are disconnected. The only speaker I've owned that will never leave me are a pr. of Clements RT7's and their sibling the Little Wood 'D'. I've never heard the mass produced speakers you asked about, but, if Phil Clements is the man at the helm of Solus/Clements there's a very good chance his speakers are overacheivers and the price's may very well not be indicative of the value.

I look forward with great anticipation to Clements speakers using the ribbon tweeters that are pretty good out to apprx. 40k hertz.
Ditto what Steveallen said on the App Stages.
I had them for few years in the mid 90's until
a woofer broke down (that infamous Appogee buzz).
But I just can't forget what they did
right. It was like being there.
Not much of a soundstage, but they seem to take a wall down
in terms of a live presence. Even the big MBLs or Soundlabs
don't do it like these cheap Apogees with modest equipment.
I've never heard anything similar, in cones or planars.
(All in a ~$3000 pair of speakers.) I've said this before around these parts. (Of course, this is just my ears and a
decade-old memory, so take this for what it's worth.)