Cleveland, OH

Anyone in the NE Ohio area that are still stalwart 2 channelers?
How about those of you who got rid of their stereo gear to go HT
only to regret it. Are you out there? COMMENTS
Well Andy you missed another great "Ears and Beers" at Mikes place this time. A new Agon member joined us and brought some great vinyl, Mike had open baffle speakers he made with the 4 horn subs, 21 in mid drivers, 3 10 in mid and horn tweeters wich really played very good and very loud, at 108db efficient it was a surprise we still clipped a 500 watt amp (THE SYSTEM WAS QUAD AMPED).
Mikes wife cooked up an early Easter dinner and a huge bon fire capped off the night......another great get-together.
Home again. Nothing like a trip to the Third world to make you feel blessed. And maybe a bit ashamed.

I am home and would like to offer an invite to anyone with a bit of free time to come and check out my new nearfield listening room. I should have pics posted soon enough, when I find the box that stuff was in.

I can do it any Saturday evening in the comin three weeks, or all day this Saturday, but short notice.

Anyone looking for a killer power amp, I have a Nearly new Odyssey Khartago that has 19 plus years left on the Warantee that has been HotRodded at the Odyssey lab in Indianapolis.

You have to hear this. I would like to get others opinions, but be gentle, I am fragile.
Hello hello,
Is anyone down for Saturday June 3rd for a get together?
This will be a small group of folks to come and listen toy with the speaker placement. May also try a budget dac shootout.

I may be able to attend but I'm not sure of my schedule yet. I'd like to bring my Integra CD player to compare with the other DACs if that's ok.