Cleveland Ohio

I have vintage solid-state stereo McIntosh equipment that I bought in the late 70's. I would like to have them tested to determine whether they meet the original specifications. In the 80's I had this done at the Mac Clinics. Today, the repair shops in the Cleveland area apparently do not have the necessary equipment. The McIntosh Service Department in Binghamton NY can do it, but their backlog for out-of-warranty equipment is 15 weeks. Can anyone recommend a good technician within a 300 mile radius that has the appropriate equipment to do the job. If one exists, my bet is that he/she is mighty busy. Thank you. GK
If you haven't called them already, you can try Audio Classics in Vestal. They can't always service stuff but should be able to test it. You can also call Paragon in Ann Arbor, Jamiesons in Toledo and Speaker Shop in Buffalo. There are others, but these are the ones I personally visited. Good luck & happy listening!
Hey, we actually have 2 great techs in Pittsburgh. Both can be a little "eclectic" but do first class work. Don, who owns Phil's tv in Avalon is amazing and very old school. He's done tons for me and would be perfect for vintage work. Also, Anders at Pittsburgh Vintage Hifi is quite talented-he rebuilt a Nakamichi Dragon for me. It doesn't get much harder.
I'd be happy to do the intro for you.
The Service Department could do the work for you but he is in Bridgeport CT which is outside your 300 mile radius, and will take longer than 15 weeks. The good smaller service and repair shops are probably all backlogged. I suggest to you that McIntosh's 15 weeks is not the worst out thers. Let the subject matter experts asses your gear.