coincident speakers do you have troubadors

Finally buying a pair of coincident troubadors but am looking for anyone who has them and also troubass. If you have or have had I have a few questions as I can't seem to find anyone selling troubass so looking for suggestions on something that will complete the sound of the troubadors as well or better than troubass speakers. Thanks for your help
Well I started this all with a simple question which Trelja took the time to answer me. I have the heart of an audiophile but not all the knowledge. I use Audiogon as an area of learning. I read numerous forums both here and there, ask questions, and am starting to learn how electronics work. KUDOS for Trelja for trying to help me when he probably knew I was a bit of an idiot. I do not care if he if a manufacturer, actually I an glad because if I have the means to I WILL do business with him. I also swear by my Coincident speakers but could NOT get answers from Mr. Blume. No big deal I found someone who could help me so I no longer desire his help. Once again, thanks Trelja you are an A-1 audiogon member and I will continue to try to seek your help and advice!
I agree but they started it. Oops acutally I did. Sorry really didn't mean to initiate such a food fight.
Wow, I feel sort of bad since I am the one who sold Horsnit the Coincident Troubadors. I also attempted to get Mr. Blume to build me a set of Trubass subs. He simply told me he would not build them and aimed me at a more expensive set of Coincident speakers for sale on Audiogon.

While I understand his reasoning for not supporting an aged set of speakers no longer in production, I could not afford to go out and spend $2800 on another set of speakers when I had just purchased the Troubadors. I had hoped that he could have steered me in a direction to someone who might build a pair for me or maybe given schematics on how to build a set (maybe he has them archived).

Either way, the Troubadors are excellent speakers and I have no doubt that Horsnit will enjoy them over several bottle of wine, cases of beer, glasses of gin, etc... you get the picture.

Maybe in the future, if I am financially capabable, I will entertain the idea of purchasing another set of Coincident speakers but for now I am bound by the economic chains of Democracy.

Horsnit, great post and sorry to see it get so out of hand over a simple question.

Trelja, I am sure you meant well as did Mr. Blume. It is easy to misinterpret what people type online since you cannot read what they may have meant to say. Good luck to you and I look forward to reading more posts from you.

Mr. Blume, thanks for a great pair of speakers. I enjoyed them for the time I owned them.

Horsnit, good luck finding someone to build you a set of Troubass subs. I am sure you will find someone who is willing to do so without costing an arm and a leg.