Coincident Total Victory owners

I am thinking about buying a pair of TV speakers and would like the opinions from those that have or have had these speakers in their system. What is your likes and dislikes about these speakers? I have Tenor 15wi monoblock amps and a 47 Labs flatfish and progression DAC. Thanks.
Have not had the opportunity to listen to the Total Victory loudspeaker - yet. Having listened to the Victory however, I think I can say that you are in for the same - and more...

- Seemingly unlimited power handling capability with very low distortion. With the addition of (4) 8" woofers per side, the distortion will be even lower due to larger piston area and less strain on other drivers. This will approach JBL, TAD, Westlake Audio like studio monitor SPL - but with the added pinpoint soundstaging accuracy only found in a narrow-baffle design.

- The Total Victory is going to cause waves... You're getting ultra-high efficiency, high power handling capability, pinpoint soundstaging accuracy, ultra low distortion - all in a modestly sized, beautifully trimmed package. There's no doubt in my mind that the capabilities of Mr. Blume's latest design will be equaled only by systems costing 5x as much - to start.

- My thinking says you are not going to be disappointed.
Unbelievable speakers...........certainly one of the best I have heard at any price. I would rather have these speakers than the big Kharma's, pipe's, and many other ultra expensive speakers. Couple that with the fact that you can drive them with almost any amp, and you have a dream speaker. Israel is a pleasure to deal with as well. By the way, they are more than just a victory with deep bass...........almost everything is improved over the victory's.
Read my review of this speaker on this site- amazing. In fact, if I could afford them, they would be here, but instead I have the also excellent regular Victory- in fact in my smaller room they are great. If you have a decent-sized room, you will be hard-pressed to do better than the Total Victory- and Israel is a great guy!
I have had these "killer" speakers for about 9 months. I purchased them direct from Israel Blume himself. They are backordered and I had to wait for them to be made. The wait is worth it.

Before I decided on the Coincident TVs, I spent a year listening to the following in "good" soundrooms and other's houses: B&W Nautilus 801, used Genesis 200 and 300 systems (too big for my house and out of business at the time), Eggleston Andra, Talon Khorus X, Revel Studio and Salon, Wilson Watt/Puppy 7, Piega P-10 (C-10 now) and P-8 Ltd. (C-8 Ltd. now), Von Schweikert VR-7, Dunlavy SC-5, Silverline La Folia and Sinfonia (great sound value too but Silverline recommended I needed a larger room). The B&W, Talon, Revel, and Wilson speakers were too "bright" for my tastes (I have never heard a metal dome that I liked). The Piega's did not have the low-end I wanted (afterall I was in the market for full-range) and the Dunlavy, although musically involving, were not up to the transperancy I was looking (listening) for.

My search came down to the Von Schweikert VR-7, Eggleston Andra, Silverline La Folia and Sinfonia, and Coincident TVs. The Eggleston fell out of the "mix" because I felt there was some very slight coloration in the mids (hence Eggleston put in a crossover in the Andra II). The Sinfonia fell out next due to price ($19,999). Next the La Folia fell out after discussing it w/ Silverline - they stated my room was too small (14' x 16').

Now it was down to the Von S. VR-7 and the Coinc. TV. It was a hard, hard decision but it came down to two factors: 1) which was more "tube friendly and oriented" and 2) "wife appeal" factor. The VR-7 required to be out in the room to really perform best and had impedances from 8 to 4 ohms. The TVs can be as little as 16-inches from the rear wall and 24-inches from the side walls and are a nominal 10-ohm load across the audible band.

IMHO 1) if you prefer tubes get the TVs, 2) if you prefer solid-state (high quality, high wattage) get the VR-7, and 3) if you have a larger room consider the Silverline's also.
I have owned the TV's for 6 months and
quite happy with the sound. There is someone
on audiogon with the tenor/TV combination.
I believe anyone looking at a speaker in this
price range should at least audition these speakers.

my system;Bat 150se/TV/Audio Aero CD MKII
I have the TV's with the Tenor 15wi monoblocks. The Tenor and TV have a great synergy. With just 15 watts of power the Tenor amps drive them easily.
I have been interested in the TV. But the one thing I have a problem with is that they do not come with grill covers. Seems like a small thing to ask for. Without them the W.A.F. Is out the door. As good looking as they are when not in use they could blend in so much better with grill covers. Oh well cant have everything I guess
you guys should hear the TV (or TE) driven by the Wyetech Topaz 572 SET amp or the ASL Hurricanes...
I owned the hurricanes with the TV.
They had good bass, but compared to my
Bat 150se's fell behind in every other
aspect. I've been very confused about HP's
reveiw. Maybe my pair was not a good example
of the hurricanes.
Differences in sensitivity aside, can anybody comment on how would they compare to Audio Physics Avanti III?
Very ineresting! How do the TV compare to the Vienna Mahler's? Also, my room is 16 x 22 but the section the TV's would occupy would be 10' and the woofers would be 12" from the side wall? Is that a "no-no"?
I can't comment on the Mahler's- I don't believe we have a Canadian dealer for them in this part of Ontario.

Re: placement for the TV's, you could e-mail Israel Blume ( as to the ramifications of various placement ideas. From what I have discussed with Israel on the subject, you will have to experiment re: placing the woofers inside or outside-firing to see what works best.

In YOUR situation, 12" seems a bit close, but never say never, it may work, however I would DEFINITELY place the woofers firing inward in that scenario- in fact, I have my right TV speaker ~ 2.5' from the wall, and still fire the woofers inward- in every instance I have tried, they sound best with the woofers firing inward. Good luck!