Coincident users.Share your impressions.

Share your impressions on this product.Which model do you own and what did it replace and why.What did you audition and why did you chose the Coincidents.
I use both the Super Eclipse speakers and the CST I interconnects.

The Supers replaced some Chapman, T-7 speakers; and the CST cables are replacing some Harmonic Tech, Truth Link interconnects.

I did not do extensive in-system speaker trials against the Coincidents. (Getting in demo speakers for extensive auditioning is not exactly easy.) The frequency and dynamic range of the 'Supers' taken together with their efficiency and so many positive comments from users and industry insiders pushed me to get some. They simply are more musically coherent and less fatiguing than the Chapmans. The Chapman's bass (upper-, mid-, and lower bass)is some of the best I've ever heard, but music is so much more than slices of frequency spectrum.

The Coincident CST I interconnect, on the other hand, I tried in my system. After a long break-in (600 hours!) it simply is more musically meaningful and enjoyable than my HT stuff. The HT does some "HiFi" tricks with very good front-to-back layering, but the Coincident cables are just more musically correct and every bit as dynamic, etc.