Comments on Adcom GFA-5802 amp ??

Seem to be a lot of these on sale for pretty decent prices in the used market. Anyone have one, your comments would be appreciated, thanks.
Mike - comparing it against a potential 4BST purchase? I looked at both when new and I preferred the Bryston - 2 reasons 1)better sonics and warranty, found the Adcom to run hotter & 2) because of the exchange rate here in Canada local products are more palatable dollar wise - they both list at the same price up here which makes the Bryston a no-brainer... IMHO. As far as buying used its probably 80% of the 4BST and if you can get it for 60% of the cost then maybe its a better buy for you...
Rgd- Buying new you are right, a no-brainer, but the 5802 seems to be readily available on the used market at a lot cheaper price than the Bryston. Still looking, but still heavily in favour of the 4B-ST. Thanks for the info.
Miked - the 5802 is a much nicer amp than the 5800 with a purported John Curl "touch". Ask in Audio Asylum where John hangs out at times.