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Question for Paradigm Owners, what speaker cable??
David,I have the reference series Studio 100s. 
Question for Paradigm Owners, what speaker cable??
Clueless,What gave you the impression I thought speaker wire was more important than the amp??? Re-read the question, I just wanted to know what do owners of paradigm speakers use for speaker wire and whether or not they bi-wire. 
Aragon 8008BB or Odyssey Stratos power amp
Paradigm active series of speakers have been discontinued so it may be difficult to find them. 
New Bryston or Used Lexicon?
I don't believe Lexicon makes the Bryston SP-1 and Bryston doesn't make Lexicon amps any longer either. The new Lexicon LX series amps are going to be made by one of their parent companies, Crown I think. 
PreAmp for HT
Bryston used to build amps for Lexicon, not anymore and for sure they don't build the Lexicon pre-amps. 
bryston 14b or M Fidelity nu-vista m3
IMHO, to say that one would SMOKE the other is pure BS. It would be best to listen to them both in your own environment, then make the decision. To me slightly warmer does not equate to smoked! Both Bryston and MF make excellent equipment, and as ... 
Which amp is better...
I have been talking with James Tanner at Bryston, and he informed me they have changed the output devices on the 14B-ST and the 6B-ST. He recommends the 6B-ST over the 4B-ST and I have read several posts around the web that state the 6B-ST is clea... 
Anthem MCA-5
I have used a variety of MCA amps with my system, MCA 2, 3 and am currently using the MCA 5. Great for the money, I agree with Snofun3, hard to beat for what you will pay. Try to get one home for an audition if you can. 
Superior sound from newer CD players?
If you plan on getting a Lexicon (other than the MC-12) the units you mentioned (DC-1, DC-2) don't have an analog pass through function that would enable you to take advantage of the DACs in a newer CD player. You would be using the DACs in the Le... 
HPA-2 vs 4B-ST
Emster,Thanks for the response, the sort of thing I was looking for, tough to beat that 20 warranty Bryston offers. The aerials you are using are the speakers I hope to move to next, only heard them once, but they sounded great. Nice to know they ... 
Parasound vs. Bryston
I am currently using a 4B-ST with Paradigm Studio 100s, highly recommended and tough to beat that warranty to boot. 
Comments on Bryston SP-1 Pre/Pro
Adamanteus,Thanks for the response, I talked with Bryston today on the phone. I downloaded the manual from their site but couldn't find anything about bass management, they assured me the cutoffs are changeable from 40Hz up to 100. They have a mem... 
best tube preamp with bypass for HT
Any other info on the new Bell Canto model?? Can't find it on their website. 
Arcam vs. Creek vs. Rega
Wombat3: How would you rate the new Planet against the CD72?? Look forward to your response. 
Arcam vs. Creek vs. Rega
I am trying to do the same as you are, minus the Creek, my 2 choices are the Rega or Arcam. If you don't mind, how was the sound of the Rega Planet 2000?? My dealer says he will have some in this week so hopefully by next weekend I can give one a ...