Commercial air travel with a speaker

Does any member have experience flying domestic US commercially with a hifi speaker? Willing to buy a seat/ticket for it,  I just don't want to be halfway across the country and have issues.  TSA looks to be OK with it.  Any real-world experience out there?


You can get around cheaper by sending it with cargo airlines to the same destination and then picking it up from the cargo airline pick-up areas. You might not be in synch with arrivals, but certainly less hustle 

I've used cargo airlines on many occasions. I shipped huge R2R player (around 85lb) with cargo airlines so the customer could claim it from there. Couldn't find any safer and cheaper way indeed. 


Seller doesn't have the packaging,  it is pickup only.  I figured I could pick up, wrap it, and buy a seat for it.  It's hefty at 83lbs. I have frequent flyer miles to use,  so it won't really cost anything other than my time and a few bucks for TSA fees.

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Some musicians routinely purchase an extra seat to travel with their instrument. It normally works, but it isn't unusual to see a report of someone getting refused while boarding. Just be aware that you could make arrangements with the airline and do everything right but still run into a problem.

This one was a surprise because Sheku Kanneh-Mason is one of the biggest name classical cellists today.


UPS has a freight forwarding service. You can have them pack and pallet the speakers and send it by truck or air freight. You can have the shipment crated also, which obviously costs more but is more secure.

The speaker must be able to fit under the seat or go in the overhead.  It the case of turbulence, the airline doesn’t want hard object flying around that could cause injury.  You can always pack it very carefully and have it put on the airline with the oversized and special handling baggage.  

@testpilot is correct. Airlines might not accommodate speaker even if the seat is purchased as it cannot be rested securely on the airplane seat that meant to hold a person secured with the seat belt.

If you’re trying to take it on the plane with you, it has to be able to go through the Same scanner your shoes go through.  Not sure what speaker you are talking about, but I’m guessing at 83 lbs, it will be too big. UPS, FEDEX will do it all for a price.  I’ve sent amps that way before.

All the best.

I can't believe this hasn't been asked yet, but what kind of hifi speaker is 83 pounds and is not part of a stereo pair?

It's a center channel.  36x11x17 roughly.  I talked to the seller and he is going to take it to UPS and have them pack/ ship. I shouldn't have to fly out there.  Thanks for everyone's feedback.