Compare the new Beatles vinyl to early pressings

My stark opinion is the new vinyl is balanced and has the timber of each musical voice polished painstakingly, but the life is sucked out. The old vinyl has way more emotional and meaningful content. When I listen side by side I "get it" regarding the artist's intent way better on the old versions.

The new vinyl was cut using the original 24-bit remasters. I guess now that it's so easy to compare I'm all for keeping the process analog.

I guess you just never know;

I read an article in the Chicago trib that claimed that some of the new LP releases shined above all the rest, including the original pressings and the MoFi release. They had 3-4 polished audiophiles and a six figure system. Each reviewer rated each LP and overall the new pressings won out. I bought most of the latest Beatles LP's and overall I'm very pleased. (I only have the MoFi Abbey Road to compare it to). I think it's well worth the $19/LP I paid on the release date.
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The 'White Album' lost out in our home. My wife and daughter (who plays two instruments) both thought my Apple original had more life and tonality. The reissue sounds like a processed soundstage width and vocals coming from a well. My wife used the term 'dirge-like' when listening to the first three songs ( that's as many as we could choke down). So my new Beatles is for sale, barely used. My MFSL 'Abbey Road' didn't fare much better. I'm on the lookout for Parlaphones.