Beatles "Abbey Road"

Hi Folks:

I've been buying up the new "Beatles in Mono" vinyl pressings and am enjoying them greatly. I recently went to purchase "Magical Mystery Tour" and "Abbey Road" but discovered that the latter was not part of this release series--I'm guessing because there was not mono tape running as was the case with the other LPs. I have a copy of the 2009 stereo CD of "Abbey Road" but if there is a superior vinyl version I would like to purchase it. Thoughts? How does the recent stereo remastered LP of this album sound?
The latest stereo remaster was made from a digital file. The most affordable issue would be a "two box" EMI/Parlophone reissue having black labels with silver print. EMI is enclosed within a double box. This issue has analogue origins and was pressed with UK stampers.
The best issue would be an original UK Apple pressing but they tend to be expensive is in excellent or better condition.
EMI/Parlophone isn't going to be cheaper in nice condition they retail $50 and above for clean ones. If there are some scratches, these pressings won't be noisy in most of the cases so you don't have to aim to the perfect copy.
Have patience. As with the mono box of cd's, the Beatles will eventually release a new analog vinyl version of Abbey Road and Let it Be.