Comparing Aurender N20 vs eversolo dmp A8

 I replaced eversolo dmp A8 with aurender N20 for digital streaming over qobuz. I compared them playing through native apps. Both feed into Holo may nos Dac over a USB curious cable. Ethernet cable connected over etherregen. Stock power cables feeding from a dedicated 20 amp circuit. Signal going through Luxman amp, 805D4. Luxman is doing pre-amp volume control. Both streamers are broken in.


Result - I am shocked to see that 1/6th price, eversolo is actually sounding better overall. N20 takes control with vocals, however the body of music/instruments is leaner. Not sure why I am seeing this disconnect between powerful vocals and lean acoustics. 


I got n20 used, and hence my assumption on it being broken in. Not sure if I am missing something here.. need help from fellow audiogoners..


The A8 is a fantastic piece of gear for the money.  I don't use it just as a streamer though I will if they ever get it Roon Ready.  But the DAC in the A8 has performed extremely well compared to other high end DACs I have compared it to.  I have you tried comparing it to the Holo May directly?

Agreed with pinwa. Not altogether surprised as the A8 is the flagship product using the top AKM chipset with a lot of quality components. The A8 is similar to another giant killer, the Wiim Pro and Plus combo when used as pure streamers to good DACs in a quality system. 

On your end a DAC vs DAC battle is warranted between the A8 and Holo May. 

Years ago I bought the Auralic Aries over the Aurender and Lumin streamers. The sound and the gui were much better with the Auralic. Plus Aurender units don’t have the i2s interface.

You are comparing apples to apples using the USB cable, which will use the clock inside the DAC for both applications.  To hear what the N20 is capable of you need to connect the DAC to the N20 via AES or SPDIF.  The N20 has superior clocks.  If just using USB you could get an N200 with similar results.

For starters Never use Anything with stock power cords, it totally degrades the potential of your electronics .if on a budget  buy the Pangea  AC power cord the awg14  sig MK -2 for just over $200 a Big upgrade give it 100 hours playing time .

These are keys ,brass connectors NG, these are gold over Copper sounds better ,and 3x better conductivity, also this uses Cardas top 6-9s pure Copper , a true bargain. That being said a good $1k cable Thst much better still.

the Eversolo 8: use the Slow roll off filter ,it’s by far the best wife owns one I set up the SS drive and Flac files. The directions horrible but I figured it out .for under $2k parts quality is a whos who of brand name parts , smps for digital and a LPS power supply for the critical analog output stage .AKM latest dac and receiver chipset, dual high precision clocks and a bunch of technologies at $2k a no brainer 

upgrade the power cord For Sure no stock power cords allowed in Audiophile Land.