Comparing EE MiniMax and the Meridian Director?

I'm wondering if anyone here has done a side by side comparison of the Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC as opposed to the Meridian Director. I'm primarily interested in sonic differences between these 2 units as they both receive excellent reviews. Is there another dac in this general price range that I should consider? I like warmth with a healthy dose of detail and good even strong bass performance.
Have not heard the Meridian. Have the Minimix Dac Plus. What I like about the Minimax is the ability to change the sound by swapping out Opamps. I am a firm believer in having this flexibility. Stock unit was nice. In my system the Dexa discrete Opamps provided additional clarity and top end sparkle while reducing listener fatique. Burson discrete Opamps had better bass and a more weighty midrange. No doubt this is very system dependent. However, unless you get a chance to demo a unit in your sytem you have no idea about the system synergy.