Comparing the Aesthetix Atlas & Ayre V1xe to V5xe

I've used an Ayre V5xe with wonderful results for a number of years, but recently have begun upgrading my system. I got an Aesthetix Janus Signature w/ GNSC mods as a replacement for the Ayre K3x, a very fine unit in itself, and was happy with the change.

I'm now thinking about upgrading my amp, & am considering both the Ayre V1xe & Aesthetix Atlas, as I think either unit would have good synergy with the Janus, Vandersteen Quatros, & an Ayre & SME/Lyra front end.

I'd be grateful for any feedback from anyone who's compared the V1xe and Atlas, regarding how the two units compare, and/or how either would compare to the V5xe.

Hi Aubullience,

As I am planning the same move as you did back in 2011 (switching from Ayre V 5-xe to Atlas) I would appreciate your thoughts about the Atlas in case you have bought it in the meantime.

Thx in advance for your response!

Would be interested in hearing about the comparison. Has anyone made this switch?