Comparison between Klipsch and Living Voice Avatars / Seeking Advise

Hi All

Hoping to get some advise from fellow enthusiasts.

 I recently bought a second hand Living Voice  Auditorium Avatar II in great condition. I simply liked the wood veneer but more so I got the speakers after reading rave reviews about it. 

Firstly, a newbie question,  I would like to know exactly what model I purchased. The speakers was sold as described in my first para -  LV Auditorium Avatar II. But am not sure if its the baseline Auditorium or the speakers up the line - Avatar II. I understand LV besides the horn expensive  speakers has three models - Auditorium, Avatar and Avatar II. Anyway to distinguish these from the speaker design? The inscription on my LVs have faded so am not sure what my LVs are within their model range. Your opinion would certainly help.

I replaced my Klipsch RP  6000f fronts  for the LVs.  I listen to both music and movies. 60% music and 40% movies.  For music, the LVs are paired with solid sate McIntosh C15 preamp and McIntosh 7100 (100 watt) power amp.  I use a Marantz 7007 CD player as well as a blusound node 2i for streaming.  My speaker cables are  Mogami and interconnects are Belden and Infinity OFC. Nothing too fancy. I don't use sub woofers for music.

I have my speakers on the long wall (about  25 feet with 10 feet depth)  about 1.5 feet from the back wall and 1.5 feet from the sides. One side ( left) has a balcony glass door while the other side (right) has an open space.  The speakers are 6.5 feet apart. I sit about 6.5 to 7 feet away from speakers when listening. I did not toe in the speakers cause I found the sound narrow when I tried toeing in. I have some acoustic absorption panels on the wall facing the speakers and a carpet on the tiled floor.

As for sound quality, I was very taken in by the LVs exceptional ability to involve the listener. I found it very musical, easy to listen to and toe tapping with any genre of music.  To me, this is LV's asset and beats the Klipsch hands down. Clarity wise, while LV has some edge, in contrast,  the Klipsch could hold its own too. In terms of dynamism, both are equally energetic as both are highly efficient. Bass wise, while Klipsch tends to dig slightly deeper, LV shines in bass accuracy and tightness. In terms of soundstage, I found the LVs having a wider  airy feel, but depth wise Klipsch perhaps slightly edged it.  Klipsch somehow had better centre imaging. LVs didn't do too bad either.

On the whole, based on initial impressions,  I found the LVs just much much better in terms of tone, timbre and sheer musicality.   It also had room filling sound as compared to the klipsch despite being a smaller speaker.I guess when you go higher up the range, its not so much about how analytical the speakers are but how much it can involve the listener. So am glad I made the switch. Hoping to get a good feel with movies too.

 I would like to check if my placement of the LV speakers are all right. My living hall is moderate, rectangular with a closed end on the left and open space on the right. Some say the later models such as the Avatars are not so picky in placement compared to the earlier models such as the Auditoriums. Hope it is so. 

I wish to seek your opinion if my McIntosh amps are good enough for the LVs or should I be looking for tube amps? I have a spare  Schiit Freya Plus tube preamp with good tubes at the moment.  I have read that most people pair the LVs with low powered tube amps. Not sure if I should go down this route. Also,  currently  I am using single wired connections, should I consider bi- wiring the LVs and would that make a discernable difference? 

I would also like to know how do I get access to the manual to these speakers. Is there something I can find online?

Appreciate your views. I wish to learn from your experiences and hopefully maximise the potential of the LV speakers with the exchange.

Thank you.