Computer-based Multichannel

I started to look into buying a computer specifically dedicated to the audio system and puting all my CDs into it. It would be nice to be able to call up an index, select and play any disc. Although I keep my discs in a nice neat storage rack it is darned difficult to read the small print along the edges of the boxes.

But, I suddenly realized, this won't work for me because my expanding library of SACD and DVDA would be left out.

Is anyone working on a way to store SACD and DVDA on a hard disc? Not having the raw digital data available obviously is a problem. One solution would be to input the program in analog form, and use a very high quality A/D to store it.
I'm lost here. I appreciate those who practice the art of active and passive listening on different levels, but when did it all become so quantitative and techno. Are there survivors and practitioners in the realm who actually load a disc or carefully place a piece of vinyl on a platter, find a comfortable seating position and proceed to read the liner notes, appreciate the artwork and slowly absorb the artists' intent? I know, maybe all too touchy feely, .......and I'm a Republican at that, but really folks. Can we conquer, consume and anniliate somewhere else.

Sincerely, no offense intended here.