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We would like to buy a nice audio system and also have this double as a surround sound but listening to music is the priority. We have listened to many speakers but have settled on the B&W 804's. Now the challenge is to select a receiver and all the other accompaniments we require. We have a little challenge in that our home is a condo and the outside wall is all glass. The space is combined kitchen, living room, and dining room all open with hardwood floors and hard tile on the walls of the kitchen and a lot of granite counter tops. It seems that every where we go, the recommendations are different depending on what the store is selling and of course, the sales people would like us to buy the most expensive. What would give great sound without going crazy. We are thinking about 2 tribe sub woofers and space is limited and an in wall center B&W speaker but we don't know what we are doing and don't want to throw our money away. Help! Too many choices and we don't have enough knowledge. Thank you so much.
Oh yeah, legacy stuff,

I also have a VCR, and a quiet fanless PC (video on the motherboard), with small wireless keyboard for total access to the Internet. PC was used a lot prior to smart tv's and the restricted browsers of early smart tv's. PC has access to all content on the home network, and better processor.

IOW, a home theater has/might end up having more equipment than you start with. Minimalist system will force you to compromise in my experience.
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You will find a lot of stuff on YouTube that you can see and hear. Keep in mind this is not an accurate sound, since it’s not a live audition but it helps. At least you will have an idea specially of what things look like and reviews as well.
If you enter the manufacturer, model numbers and add YouTube in your search, it will give you a lot of info. on anything you are looking for.
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Give audiotroy a break, he is just trying to make a living...  He does give good advise in my opinion, since I have researched some of his quotations. I believe there is nothing wrong in trying to sell a product that he believes and has confirmed its a good product. Some vendors do have good intentions plus I have seen him recommend product that he does not sell.