Confused with size of speaker to get when placed along long wall in large room

I have a large open living space approximately 22’ deep x 50’ long x 13’ high.  A combined space arranged from left to right with the living room, dining room, and kitchen.  I am confused as to what size speakers I should be looking at.  The listening area in the living room, is about a third of the entire space, approx. 22’ deep x 16’ long x 13’ high, open on the right to the dining area and kitchen.

My question is, is my listening room considered 22’ x 16’ x 13’, or is it 22’ x 50’ x 13’?

I currently have Klipsch Cornwall speakers setup in a 3’ x 12’ alcove in the living area, along the long 50’ wall.  While happy with the Cornwalls, I want to try new non-horn speakers.  The Cornwalls are about 10’ apart, and 10’ from the listening position.  I don’t often listen at loud volumes.  Mostly low 70’s dB.

The sidewall on the left is mostly glass, but damped by thick drapes.  The sidewall on the right I guess would be practically non-existent, being so open.

My gut tells me that speakers like the Perlisten s7t, ProAc K8, Magico A5, are the correct size.  Something like an Audio Note AN-E sp, or Gershman Grand Avant Garde, are too small.

Thanks for any insight in advance.

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@fuzztone ...*L*  That's cheating...and only begins to smack of a 'silent disco'...

Our OP is faced with the same dilemma that most with 'open-plan' homes present for the 'phile that may/may not want 'traps' to add to 'cause 1) the SAF division will file next day for 'irresponsible differences' or 2) said 'phile wouldn't like it either.

I'm in a large 42w x 24d x 12~14(at c/l peak of the 42), with a 42 x 8 x8 separate 'segment'; the remaining 'main volume' is already 'inhabited' enough that adding traps and/or 'coustic treats' might force living outdoors...

Current weather patterns, more/less, veto this 'n that.

"I keep voting for a Nobel for 'digital room treatments', but nobody understands...."

I would sit as near field as you can to eliminate room reflections. You can also use free standing acoustic panels close (4’ish) to the speakers to catch the sound before it bounces around the room. This will work well on the open side and behind your listening position. 

As a listener you need to determine what sound and presentation characteristics are most important to you. If you stated them, I am sorry.....BTW, what series Cornwall ?. Only the series IV meet my criteria. I love my Lascala / sub combo.

I heard the Gershman Acoustics 30th Anniversary Grand Avant Garde last year at the Pacific Audio Fest video here. They didn’t sound small at all, they filled the room with great sound, they sounded fantastic. The designer told me that they upgraded/modified this version to get extra bass - the bass is satisfying and not lacking. I sat through many songs enjoying the great sonics

My sonic preferences are Magico and YG. At AXPONA 2022, I auditioned the Magico A5, Rockport Atria, and Vimberg Mino D. I purchased the Vimberg at a great price but I had to raise my budget. If I heard the Gershmans first, I likely would have purchased it and saved significant $ - it’s that good.

@djwong , I have a similar space in my basement without that ceiling height. Since you are already considering Perlisten, you could talk to a integrator like Matt Poes (Poes Acoustics) and see if you can set up a high WAF dual use stereo and theater around Perlisten’s stuff.