Connecting a SB Touch into Oppo BDP-95?

Been looking over the BDP-95 manual, and it seems there is no way to get a digital signal from the Touch and into the Sabre DAC in the 95. Am I right? Do you know of any modder able to add a digital input?

I have been thinking of getting an external DAC to connect my Rotel player as transport as well as my Touch, but I'm thinking the BDP95 has a good DAC with excellent mod potential, with SACD and Blu-Ray as icing on that cake. If I could connect the Touch to it I think the 95 would be it.
OK, contacted Modwright and Dan said he "doubts" he will offer the digital input option. He said performing that mod to the XA5400ES has proven very difficult and costly.

So seems Touch and BDP-95 won't go hand in hand. Anybody using the USB or eSATA into the Oppo 95? Wondering what people are using to browse through the music in the external hard drive.
If you follow the link I provided above to the Oppo review you will be able to read more.

Powerful connectivity options: The BDP-
95 is equipped with a hard-wired RJ-45-type
Ethernet port, a wireless-n Wi-Fi adapter, an
eSATA port, and two USB 2.0 ports. As shipped,
the player can play music, video, or photo files
from USB or eSATA drives, and can also stream
certain types of content from the Internet. It
cannot, however, function as a USB DAC,
although it unofficially provides DNLA Server-like
“Experimental Functions” that potentially allow
the BDP-95 to play digital audio files stored on
PCs attached to your home network.
I have tried both USB and e-sata in the Oppo-95. I found the sound of e-sata more to my liking.
Rwwear: I did read it, but don't see where they explain this. Maybe it's this, which I cannot comprehend: "although it unofficially provides DNLA Server-like Experimental Functions”. Looking at the Oppo manual the user interface didn't seem friendly or practical at all. Hence my question.

Dchan88: what do you use to browse over your music collection with the 95 and external HDD?
Yea, it does say experimental. So it could just need a firmware upgrade when available to address the situation. I have spoken to Oppo on the phone and they are very helpful in a small company sort of way.