Conrad Johnson CT-5 or LS-16 version 2

Both of these preamps retailed for about the same price. Has anyone been able to do a comparision between the two?
Martin Colloms tested the LS 16 and gave it a rating of 49 on his scale vs 90 for the CT-5. The CT-5 has several improvements over the older units according to reviews I have read. I use the CJ 350 but not their pre amp.
I have a CJ LS 16 version 2 and heard the CT-5 in two set ups at audio shows. The 16 is warm sounding with outstanding soundstage and deep impact. Very tubish.The CT-5 is very precise,more modern sounding with increased resolution. More like SS but still a fine tube pre. Simply put, the 16 has a unique signature, the CT-5 will sound more like some other very fine recent preamps.

On a more practical basis, the 16 will operate on six 6922 tubes. A bit complicated on tube rolling and replacement. The CT-5 is a lot friendlyer on that specific matter.

Value wise, trying to find a 16 means a lot of patience. When one appears, better be quick to get it. CT-5s are more easily found.

Conclusion : I will keep the 16 for life. I will get it maintained and repaired until I'm not into audio anymore. If you find one, you may try one and see for yourself if it is the thing for you. If not, you will most probably not loose a cent selling it.