Conrad Johnson MF-200

I have been using my sons Conrad Johnson MF-200, he had it stored for about 10 years, when I first started it I used a rheostat and slowly ramped it up. It had been working fine for about a year. Last week I heard something like a buzzing sound or chatter from the amplifier. I shut it down waited for a few minutes and turned it on, again I heard the same noise, also static or popping sound coming from my speakers. I took the cover off and was  shocked to see the dust and even a couple of spiderwebs. I thoroughly cleaned it, hooked up a couple of old 4 ohm speakers and this time played fine. Although both heat sinks ran as hot as they normally do I did notice one was a little cooler. Does anyone have a schematic of this amplifier you can let me have? There are a couple of potentiometers and I’m curious if the bias can be adjusted.
if you are not successful in finding a schematic for this amp, consult Bill Thalmann of Musical Technology in Virginia.  He can be reached via website or 703.764.7005 (phone).  Happy Listening!
Thanks Jafant,

      I have been playing the amp in my garage now for a few days and it has been fine. After about 2 hours I used an infrared head gun and there was less then 1.5 degrees between the two heat sinks. I decided to wrap it up and put it back in my system. 
I have own Conrad Johnson MF-200 about  20 years, just like your experience ,amp need clean up dust every few years. and need lubricating fuse recommend to replaced high grade audiophile fuse.
MF-200 good for ADS ,AR,OHMS speakers.
Yes I also did a cleaning before I tested it on my work bench. I took out the fuses cleaned everything and used deoxit, It has been working fine. Thank you for the response 
Conrad Johnson MF-200  is very reliability power amplifier.I have own almost 30 years no problem at all.has CJ musical sound and beautiful looking not super level but I like very much.match PV-11 or PF1 preamplifier.