conrad johnson mv60 retube

Hi All,

I just installed a set of winged "C" output tubes in my mv60 and it sounds glorious. However, I'm guessing it can sound even better with the addition of either new or NOS 6sn7's and 12AX7A's. (want to ditch the original Sovteks) Anyone have a positive experience retubing this amp? (or negative results)

BTW- running a pv-5 preamp and thiel 2.3's

If you have not already done so I suggest you go here and read

Sorry I can't give any advice specific to your amp/pre combination. But I have had great results rolling NOS tubes in my Cary SLI-80F1. Specifically Sylvania 6sn7wgta's and amperex 7308's with genelex kt88 reissues.

I did try NOS 6922's in my cj premier 16 and did not hear any significatant improvement.
My experience with changing small tubes in my amp (not a c-j, but a VAC PA 35.35), was not a small improvement. I changed the EH 12AU7's and 12AT7's for NOS Telefunken 12AU7's and 12AT7's. For me, a very worthwhile improvement.

Thanks for the responses. Thinking of some nos tung sols 6sn7gtb's. Going to place the order very soon! The sovteks are looking/sounding a little tired.
Just put in a new set of Genelex Gold Lion 12ax7s from Tube Depot in my CAV50 to replace the NOS Telefunken smooth plates and these made a huge improvement in detail and dynamic range with tighter bass. Very quiet too and the noise floor dropped considerably. Recommended!
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the tip on the Genelex Gold Lion 12ax7! However, the mv60 uses 12ax7a's (I don't think this will be a problem, but would like to make sure before plunking down $90.
BTW- now have a set each of NOS tung-sol and GE? chrome domes for the 6sn7. Both were a major upgrade from the Sovteks
Thanks Hifigeek- I was thinking the JJ's or for double the money I could go with some psvanes. Right now I'm off on another tangent related to my speaker cables.