Considering A 20-40 Watt Stereo SET Amp

I just got over a 16 day illness (not Covid) where it was touch and go for a few days. I am thinking of rewarding myself with a 20-40 watt stereo SET amp. The speakers I will use are a pair of the new JBL L100 Classic speakers that I bought at the end of 2020. The speakers are rated at 4 ohms @90db sensitivity.

Presently, I am using a McIntosh integrated and I do not listen loud. The meters on the Mac usually sit between .20 and 2 watts at its loudest. I have not started looking yet but I do know I want something with 1 pair of outputs so I can use my SVS powered subwoofer with it. I would also need 3 high level inputs. I don’t want to break the bank as this would be a secondary amp to put into rotation as the mood strikes me.

I do not want a flea powered amp so it has to be 20-40 watts and under 4 grand new. Used would be even better. I am hoping I can be steered in the right direction so I can start my research. I do not want to have to buy other components to accommodate the amp. Source components are a McIntosh SACD player, McIntosh FM tuner and a Sony HAP-Z1ES music player. Nordost interconnects and Canare speaker cables, Shunyata power cords and a Furutech power conditioner round out the system. The amp must be stereo, no monoblocks please. 99% of my listening will be through my Mac FM tuner. The system is also on its own dedicated 20-amp circuit.


@speedthrills The customer's budget was observed when I replied, and I do custom work to fit budget and feature requirements. While what you stated would seem logical, it doesn't hurt to send an inquiry and find out for sure! Best regards, Aric

I have been researching since last night and have come to the conclusion that to get something close to the power and features I want, I would be looking at close to 10 grand.  That is totally out of the question just to have a third amp in play.   So I need to rethink my situation.   I have been looking at the Prima Luna Evo 4000 and it seems to have everything I would want regarding power and features, but of course it isn’t a SET amp.  I have already owned and sold a Rogue Cronus Magnum integrated because I felt is was grainy sounding and just wasn’t something I truly liked.   I wonder how much better or worse the Prima Luna would be.    Tough decisions ahead.  

I used my Had Firebottle SEP with 90db or so speakers and it worked could test the distortion by cranking it but's a wonderful amp. 10 to 17 watts pc allegedly depending on tubes used, and it will work with a lot of different tubes generally of the KT variety...